3 Key Factors To Consider When Deciding On An Office Space

The decision to choose an office space shouldn’t be taken lightly as it can ultimately make or break a business in its early days. There are many factors to consider as it can affect from how you run your business to the job satisfaction of your employees. The right working environment has a significant effect on their morale and productivity, and at the same time, uphold the culture of your business.


If location is an integral part of keeping your business growing and communicating with clients, you should try and stay close to where you want to be. Weigh the cost of the rental against the benefits of the location and decide if it may be worth the monthly rent for a more accessible location.

Ask questions like: Is this a reasonable location for my employees to commute? Is it easily accessible to clients? Are there eateries, recreational areas, and other amenities close by? Your business associates and clients can benefit from getting to your office location conveniently for meetings and networking, so you can improve client contact and your staff quality of life. For example, if you search for a warehouse for rent near Ang Mo Kio MRT, this easy accessibility can improve employee productivity levels and job satisfaction.

Our property at 38 Ang Mo Kio is located between AMK Ave 3 and Ave 5, where there is a feeder bus service to the Ang Mo Kio MRT station at the gate and is only a 6-min walk from the main road with more bus services available. You can find rental units here suitable for ancillary office, warehouse and clean & light industrial usage, in sizes ranging from 100 to 6,255 sqft.


Size matters when it comes to business offices. You have to consider the number of employees you currently have or the projected number in the coming years; businesses should think wisely how large of an office space should they invest in. This could also depend on several variables such as future business plans and budget.

When you know the size of your office space, you can also have better layout planning to fit your furniture, equipment and staff members. This can help to create a comfortable and safe working environment.


Typically, offices in central Singapore will generally be priced higher and will have a higher overall value. But you can also find other locations on the outskirts of town that still have easy accessibility to get to any part of the island with considerably lower costs.

Cost is a big concern thus a budget should be established and committed to it. The monthly payment will affect your financials, so ensure it does not hamper your business growth. Evaluate the features and facilities available in each office rentals that can meet your business needs so you can determine how cost-effective the rental is.


These are key factors that must be taken into account when deciding on office space. This is also a big decision that takes time so don’t rush into it. Your business’ successful establishment will significantly be affected by the office space, so getting the perfect one is crucial to its performance and profitability.

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