Alternative Ways You Can Buy An Original Luxury Swiss Watch

Who does not want to buy Swiss watch at least one in their life? But do you there are hundreds of people falling into the trap of fraud Swiss watches and ends up spending their thousands of dollars without even getting an original and authentic luxury Swiss watch.

You don’t have to worry about that as I will mention top simple secrets that will you buy the authentic Swiss watch in Singapore. So are you ready to get your luxury Swiss watch Singapore?

Search for a Retailer

Many retailers in Singapore are claiming to be selling authentic Swiss watches but always remember all that glitters is not gold. There are Swiss watch master copies that are indifferentiable, and a commoner can never identify the difference between original and copy. Women tends to go for ladies jewellery watches as well.

Therefore, do your research and take your time in finding the best and authentic retailer. Ask your social circle for one so that your chances of getting a fake Swiss watch minimizes.

Check Local Reveiws

It is essential to search for reviews regarding a retailer as that will give you the most authentic insight about a seller. Search on the internet about a particular seller that you have shortlisted, check his reviews on multiple sights and if you find a majority of reviews positive, go for that seller.

Get the Warranty Card

Once you are done researching on retailers and have chosen your dream gold diamond watch, it’s time to purchase the watch and communicate with the retailer.

Remember, when you are spending thousands of dollars, you will definitely get a warranty card. Ask the seller if he will give a warranty card. Check on the internet how exactly a Swiss watch warranty card looks like and do not agree on purchasing the watch without getting the authentic warranty card,


Luxury Swiss watches are once in a lifetime and require a large proportion of your hard-earned money. Therefore, never fall into the trap of fraud sellers. Follow these points mentioned above, and you will surely get the authentic luxury Swiss watch Singapore.

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