Details You Might Overlook When Planning A Wedding

Planning a wedding may seem very simple at first. Nevertheless, it involves a lot of hard work and things to prepare than you think. However, with a little bit of help and details, planning a wedding can be more manageable. Here is our detailed wedding guide Singapore to know all the things to do for that magical day.

Choosing the Best Ring

It is very vital to choose the right ring for your proposal. If you don’t know about his or her choice, it might be trouble to choose the perfect ring. You need to get into the diamond talk when picking the ring for yourself or surprising your groom-to-be.

Choosing the Auspicious Date

Before searching for wedding locations in Singapore, it is vital to pick a date for your wedding. You can check the calendar and find your auspicious wedding date. Be sure to pick at least two wedding dates. In case of the venue is not available on your desired date, you can go with the second one.


After getting the date of the wedding, apply for a notice of marriage to make it legal at the Registry of Marriage. Be sure to do so around 3 months or at least 21 days before the date. Know what else you need to prepare.


While waiting for marriage registration, figure out the budget. Sit back with your groom-to-be and decide how big an event you want to have and how much you can spend. You can still plan a memorable wedding by not going out of budget and falling into debt.

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