How Escape Rooms Can Surprisingly Work For Team Bonding

You can find an escape room in Singaporeand pretty much anywhere in the world, and for good reason – it’s a trending activitythat’s become a lot more popular among corporations over the years.

For those that don’t know, escape rooms are exactly what the name states. They’re rooms designed to keep people in and to get out, people will have to solve a series of mysteries and tests, either alone or together as a group.

It’s the group part that’s made the escape room experience so vital as a team building activity for today’s companies.

Because escape rooms require all players to work together as a team, it makes for an excellent bonding experience that brings an entire office together and forces them to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Not only that, but escape rooms have also become a popular destination for families looking to bond, or for couples going out on a date, and more.

In the corporate world, there are many key benefits to using escape rooms as a team building activity.

Here is a couple of them:

1. Identify each person’s strengths and weaknesses

The typical office setting isn’t really conducive to finding out the strengths and weaknesses of each person. Even during an interview, you’ll never really learn what a person can or can’t do, especially since they always come in those scenarios with their best foot forward.

Escape rooms have a way of bringing out the best and worst out of everyone.

Because people are working against the time and there’s this sense of urgency, it’ll be easier to find out which individuals are better suited for particular tasks. For example, someone might be better at leading the team and keeping everyone calm under pressure, while someone is great at working under pressure and there might be others who might be a bit more observant compared to the other members of the team.

Using escape rooms as a team building exercise allows teams to discover their own unique strengths and weaknesses in a fun and risk-free environment. This way, the team can identify the gaps that they need to address before that big meeting or presentation comes.

2. Learning how to win and lose together

Winning is always the best cure for anything. Losing? Not so much. But, for the entire office to work as a cohesive unit, they need to learn how to do both.

While escape rooms are a fun way to get competitive, there’s still competition, and a team who knows how to handle their losses well in such situations will be better equipped to gather and pick themselves up in office situations.

3. Build happy memories and experiences

What’s the best memory that you have with your office mates? If it’s within the office, then you might want to tell your higher-ups that you need to start going out together as a group more.

Office mates aren’t just your co-workers. They shouldn’t just be. You spend nearly half of your day with them for most of the week. They’re pretty much family, and bonding together outside of the confines of the workplace can make it easier for the entire office to work together during regular work hours.

This is a benefit that can be best seen when the office is facing rush projects, tight deadlines and tensions are running a high.

A cohesive office that has had time to bond together will not buckle under pressure. So know what needs to be done and have an escape room as one of your team building activities for a productive yet exciting experience.

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