Lose Weight Easily With These 5 Scientifically Proven Tips

Nowadays, you can find many ways to lose weight on the internet. Just with a click of a button, you will be able to find countless diet plans, supplements or hacks to lose weight. But – not everything you read online is factual.

Here we have 5 effective weight loss tips that have been tested and proven!

1. Have an efficient amount of sleep

Getting enough sleep is an important factor when it comes to weight loss. When your body doesn’t get enough sleep, you are running on low energy and will feel lethargic. Studies have shown that there is an increase in late-night snacking and you will tend to eat foods that are high in carbohydrate, calories and fats.

Being fatigue will also decrease your chances of getting any form of exercise because you will be less motivated. It is recommended to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep if you are trying to lose weight.

2. Increase your water intake

Water suppresses your appetite as it fills up your stomach and helps you burn calories. Studies have shown that drinking more water has a significant influence on the reduction in weight loss, body mass index (BMI) and body fat. An extra tip – cold water will give you more impressive results as your body uses extra calories to warm the water up to body temperature!

3. Drink some green tea

This is different from the sweetened drinks you get from your convenient stores! Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks, but adding sugar in them would lead to more unnecessary calories! Green tea contains caffeine and catechin (an antioxidant) which have been found to help speed up metabolism, thus having a small but positive impact on weight loss. So if you’re limiting yourself to sugary drinks but have gotten bored of just drinking water, try having some green tea!

4. Manage your stress levels

When you are stressed, your body releases a hormone called cortisol which causes your blood pressure to rise. This will lead to an increase in your appetite and cravings for sugary food, causing you to overeat or eat unhealthily. Now you know why you always crave for ‘comfort food’ when stressed! So don’t forget to destress and take a breather when needed! Here are some ways you can reduce stress levels:

• Yoga
• Meditation
• Exercising
• Doing the things you love
• Breathing techniques

5. Take Spicy food

Numerous studies indicate that spices like cumin, capsicum and peppers can raise your metabolic rate while slowing down your appetite. Spicy food can help decrease caloric intake, reduce body fat tissues, and have been shown to fight obesity. But remember not to go overboard!


There is no short-cut when it comes to losing weight. Although the above suggestions made have all been scientifically proven to work, a healthy diet and regular exercise are important too.

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