Put The Fun In These Events With Fancy Photo Booths

Photo booths in Singapore are great party accessories for your event and an excellent source of entertainment for every guest. Photo booths come with a myriad of benefits to the event hosts and the guests attending an event. When done correctly, photo booths can be the main highlight of your special day or help you advertise your events to hundreds of prospective clients. A photo booth is also a perfect way of breaking the ice in a party and encouraging interaction between all people in attendance. A vendor providing instant photo booth services will also offer live streaming of the photos using projectors and immediate uploading on social media for all your guests to see. Here are some of the cases where a photo booth will be a great addition to the event.


Photo booths in your wedding give everyone in attendance an opportunity to share in your joy and leave a photo that you will cherish forever. Photo booths for weddings in Singapore serve as great icebreakers for everyone attending the event while the pictures taken here will be excellent party favors for your guests. Most photographers in a wedding are busy documenting the bridal team other activities of the day, meaning that they might not be able to capture everyone present. Therefore, a photo booth will be a perfect way of capturing everyone present on your special day.

Graduation and Birthday Parties

Birthday and graduations are intimate affairs involving your family members and your close friends. Most people will forego the services of a professional photographer making a photo booth the best alternative. You can add more sparkle to your event by adding popping colors to your booth and interesting props customized according to the event’s theme.  It is guaranteed that you will have more people flocking the photo booth for a family photo or the college friends’ photo once the music begins playing and the drinks start flowing.

Corporate Event

A photo booth at corporate events such as product launches, galas, or a staff rewarding ceremony will automatically raise the moods of everyone in attendance and help you create exciting mementos of the event. Photo booths have been a perfect way of encouraging socialization among workers and the best way to maintain post-event communications with all the guests present. Services such as live streaming and instant uploading your event on social media will be a perfect way of marketing your brand to thousands of people in the country.  You can also consider hiring a green screen photo booth, which uses scenic photographs and paintings as your backdrop if you intend to capture branded pictures for your product campaigns.

An instant photo booth is an excellent party addition for both corporate and informal events such as birthdays. The cost of hiring a professional photographer is rising every day hence making most people go for the cheaper alternative- a photo booth for their events. Additionally, photo booths services are also becoming streamlined every day with vendors offering live streaming of all the photos as well as instant uploads at no charge. Therefore, you should highly consider incorporating Singapore photo booth services to your upcoming event today.

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