Tips To Help You In Finding The Right Gold Jewellery Set

When it comes to shop around for the perfect Chinese wedding jewelry set, you need to consider many things. We are going to discuss them further.

What to Look For When Shopping a Gold Jewelry Set?

If you are looking for the best Chinese wedding jewelry set, you may definitely like to shop around at the leading jewellery retailers in Singapore. They are considered to be most trusted for quality. Be sure to do your homework and choose the reputed independent dealers. Ask for the credentials as well as proof of certification. Choose a jeweller, which offers different services like custom design and resizing. Do not buy the bridal gold bangles at the first store if it is a major purchase. Find similar pieces at different stores to compare prices.

Look for the warranty

Leading jewellers usually offer warranties and return policy on the Chinese wedding jewelry set. Warranties add to the cost but it can assure you that you are buying pure gold. Be sure to ask about the warranty before making a purchase.

Consider the markings

Gold jewellery comes with a hallmark, which is the symbol of purity and other signs of quality. The marking is placed inside the ring or the inner side of an earring. Ask for the hallmarks if you could not find one.

The purity is described in two ways with the markings. Some markings show the number of karats with “K” followed by it, like 24K for 24 karats. Some gold jewellery items have the 3-digit number showing the percentage of purity to 10thdecimal.

Inspect it on your own

If you have any doubts regarding the quality or it’s very expensive, you may want to verify the jewellery on your own. Take it to another store and a certified jeweller can test and suggest a price for a fee.

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