Win Over More Customers With These Marketing Tricks

For several businesses, they find it hard to not only attract but also retain customers. This is especially so when the competition is so stiff. We’ll delve into some of the ways that you can stand out from the rest and guarantee customers’ return.

Exterior and Interior Design

Arguably a tactic that has been overshadowed by other marketing tactics that uses state-of-the-art technology, its importance should not be understated. The exterior and interior design, including the signage and displays, still play a significant part in attracting customers to your store. They will trigger the customers’ first impression and derived assumptions and tie them around its visual.

Your exterior and interior designs must revolve around your brand and your tone, with your audience in mind. You may want to stand out from your surroundings with creative signage and displays, especially if you have any sales or promotions you want the public to be aware of. Include the most crucial information that delivers the message succinctly and omit the rest to ensure that it would not be visually cluttered.

Optimise Your Marketing Strategy

As Singapore’s business market gets more competitive through the years, it is vital to establish a strong presence in the country. You can start by claiming your local listings such as Facebook, Google and Yelp. This information will inform potential customers of the many ways to reach you.

You can also run targeted digital ads with Google Ads or paid social ads. By doing so, it will not only put your brand out in the forefront; it will also gain access to the native analytics for insights to improve your performance on social media advertising. At the same time, turn to social media marketing such as influencer marketing which can help encourage high engagement between your brand and consumers.

Providing Excellent Customer Service

If the objectives of the previous points were to attract customers, this tactic aim is to ensure these customers will return. By providing a positive and unforgettable in-store experience, it adds value to your brand. Happy customers’ price sensitivity is lowered with astounding service, and thus the more willing they are to make an even bigger purchase. Furthermore, it almost guarantees a favourable review on the Internet, garnering more potential customers.

The Checkout Experience

The creation of positive customer experience and favourable brand image may sometimes include the slight adjustments to specific areas that may be deemed minuscule. One such change is making the checkout experience more convenient for your consumers. This convenience is one of the main reasons why consumers are willing to do business with retail stores in Singapore.

A particular system that you may want to employ is the Point Of Sale (POS) System. It is a retail point of sale system that comprises computer hardware, components and program that is suitable for sales. In its essence, this means that there won’t be an opportunity for a margin of error as the transaction is entirely computerised. You can ensure fast and efficient checkout experience and at the same time, its easy-to-navigate interface also makes it easier for the elderly and less tech-savvy to pick it up.

On that note, we also allows retailers to track their inventory – their purchase order, delivery order and goods received. The POS software will even calculate how much products to order so that you won’t have to worry about having too little or too much.

Create A Customer Loyalty Program

Many brands are now applying for a customer loyalty program, and so should you! Adoption of loyalty programs grew 13% from 2018 to 2019. This method is also an effective way to retain consumers and ensure a second purchase.

With POS System, keeping track of the respective customers’ account is made easy! Not limiting to mere cashiering duties, the POS System provides efficiency by storing data in one place. For instance, it enables retailers to manage their customer membership system that is either a membership card or phone number based. This allows the retailers to update member’s reward points or rebates and track any direct emails or marketing emails. Should there be any discrepancies with a customer’s account, you can pull their account up without any time to spare.

In-Store Events

As a business, you should know your audience and what exactly they look for. Millennials being the emerging generation with growing dispensable income, they are the most straightforward consumer demographic. A study done by Harris Group found that 72% of Millennials would rather spend money on memorable experiences rather than tangible items.

You may want to curate an in-store event that will not only give another reason for customers to visit your store, but this will also strengthen customer-brand relationships.


Establishing a brand presence is imperative for your business’s survival as it not only garner attention from the public, but it also ensures the return of your existing customers. Of course, you will need to figure which of these tactics is best suited for your business according to several nuanced factors such as the objective, target demographic, location, budget – be open to experimenting and find the right formula.

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